1982 Rolex GMT Master 16750 Matte Dial Pepsi Bezel

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1982 Rolex GMT Master 16750

Matte Dial Pepsi Bezel

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Welcome to Style In Time Vintage Watches

Style In Time specializes in the sale of rare and unique vintage watches in fully serviced and restoration condition.   We hope that through our meticulous attention to detail, these beautifully crafted and engineered timepieces can continue to be enjoyed for generations to come.  Our collection is vast, covering all major brands including Jaeger-LeCoultre, Longines, Rolex, Omega, Movado, Cartier and IWC to name a few.  Each watch comes with our full 90 day mechanical warranty to function properly as specified on our website.  Located in Victoria, BC, Canada we have been selling and trading watches for over a decade with hundreds of satisfied clients worldwide.

Countless watchmakers, engineers and designers have been tirelessly innovating for hundreds of years making each timepiece we enjoy today a great testament to their incredible skill and creativity.  While the fads and technical demands of the day have shaped the design of the case and artistry of the dial, the ultimate pursuit of exact time keeping and greater complication has always been at the fore of every major manufactures' agenda.

Vintage watches are a great source of fascination for innumerable people worldwide, often capturing our imaginations simply through the sound of their gently ticking hearts.  Each timepiece tells us a story of its unique place in history.  We see a stylish reflection of the artistic fashions of the day as well as marvel at the micro-mechanics that make it tick. We wonder when and where it was manufactured, was it designed to fulfil a specific purpose or even who has worn it and where has it travelled? All captivating questions that make the collecting and wearing of vintage watches truly rewarding.

We hope our website www.styleintime.com not only serves as an avenue to acquire vintage timepieces, but also provides an educational reference and price guide for the vintage watch collector and enthisiast.